50% of UK women at a Careers Crossroads

pr-inside.com…. Rigid career structures and inflexible working hours – top career obstacles for women. New research from leading executive coaching company, Talking Talent, of over 2500 working women in the UK reveals that over 50% are at a ‘career cross roads’ – unsure whether to progress up, out or pursue a different career altogether.

The report ‘Up, Out or Different’ – The Career Dilemma for UK women’, with a foreword by Helena Morrissey, CBE (Founder 30% Club), looks at the main ‘pinch points’ challenging women’s careers and hindering their progression, as well as the skills and support needed to overcome these issues.
The report found that 52% of all women in their 20s, 30s and 40s working across a range of industry sectors identified the ‘career crossroads’ as the lead pinch point, with age or seniority making little difference to their desire to continually re-evaluate their current place of work, role and career trajectory.
The second biggest challenge is the ‘maternity transition’. More….