Hamburgerin übernimmt Leitung des Opernhauses

Christina Scheppelmann wird laut Meldung des Nachrichtendienstes Efe Intendantin des Opernhauses in Barcelona. Scheppelmann ist seit 2012 Leiterin des Royal Opera House in Muscat im Golfstaat Oman. Zuvor war sie 10 Jahre an der Washington National Opera unter der Leitung von Generaldirektor Plácido Domingo.

Aus ihrem Blog vom 27.2.2014:

Business in the Baltics

Many people think my business trips are just fun and games, a nice escape from the office. While I am fortunate to love my job, meaning that business trips ARE fun (if the music is good), those trips are full of work. Last month I took a whirlwind tour of Eastern Europe to familiarize myself with a few companies in that area, some of whom offer productions of a size and concept that might be appropriate for the Royal Opera House Muscat. Following is an example of a typical itinerary for me on an 10 day trip to visit 5 different countries, 9 organizations and more than a dozen theatres.