Susan Wojcicki new boss of youtube

Öffentlich geteilt: „Wow, what an exciting day. I wanted to thank everyone for their warm wishes and the kind welcome to YouTube. My kids are all super excited too; they’re avid fans of channels like Vsauce, nigahiga, AwesomenessTV, CollegeHumor, and many other channels. I told them all this morning they could help me with my new job by watching some more YouTube! “

I can’t wait to get started working with YouTube’s wonderful team, vibrant community and its inspiring creators from all over the world.  I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks diving in to learn all parts of YouTube’s ecosystem.

A few words about the incredible 11 years I spent working with Google’s advertising product teams: I still remember, like it was yesterday, launching AdSense to help fund innovative content by online creators and publishers. And of course, AdWords has helped countless small and large businesses increase their sales, find new customers and open new stores.  I’m really proud to have played a role in that and to have worked alongside such a thoughtful, passionate group of people at Google. 

Online advertising today has become a complex and rapidly changing world for advertisers and publishers. Our own advertising products have grown in so many ways, but our goals – to fund great content and to help businesses of all sizes grow – have stayed, and will remain, the same.  

We’re still really early in the era of online content and the business models that fund it.  There’s so many exciting things ahead for everyone in this world we’re all creating. YouTube, its community and creators have a front row view of the action.  I can’t wait to dive in.