“Making Social Innovation Happen”

Join us at the conference and you will not only have the chance to hear their full contribution, but also have the opportunity to discuss with them in the breaks and during lunch and dinner. Most of our speakers are usually highly paid experts – so the conference is a unique occasion to get first class expert input without overspending your budget.

Three pieces of inspiration from 3 of our many great speakers

 Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy

Architect with a Masters Degree in Urban and Regional Planning and a Ph.D. in Public and International Affairs, author of several books including „Occupy Money“ (2012), expert and thought leader on the concept of altering the present money system or creating new complementary currencies.

“Proposals for worldwide complementary currencies prove that more fairness and sustainability can be achieved on a global scale. In a time, which calls for new solutions to the pressing problems of inequality we are facing globally, the unusual move toward giving up a powerful central monopoly and cooperating with smaller partners in order to create life enhancing monetary systems – a paradigm shift for economists and bankers – may well have a chance for the first time in our recent history.”

Prof. Dr. Josef Hochgerner

Founder (1990) and scientific director of the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI), Vienna: www.zsi.at; sociologist, professor (University of Vienna).

“By demonstrating several tipping points of socio-economic trends in recent decades, I will present conclusions to discuss most need social innovations of the 21st century. Among these the (re-)integration of the most effective economy ever into society is highlighted in particular, aiming at ‚management of abundance’”.

Ms Ufuk Tarhan

Founder of the Turkish Futurists Society and executive president between 2009-2011; member of World Future Society, first Turkish woman ever to have made a speech on World Futurist Society 2010; moderator of Future Studies in Turkish Industry & Business Association (TUSIAD)

“To meet with Futurism was so exciting. It was a great discovery for me. To look at the future in many different ways, working on scenario planning and fictions was great journey. So joyful… In 2005 we founded Turkish Futurist Association and I also became the president of it between 2009 and 2012.”

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