We Make Waves: Conference & Festival Berlin

We Make Waves is a new festival and conference + worldwide movement made for women, trans and non-binary people poised to disrupt the music industry – and of course men who are up for joining forces are also welcome! This November, we will bring together a group of performers, artists, and activists from Berlin and beyond in order to share transformational ideas, experiences, and motivation for future projects and collaborations. Datum 9.-11.11.2017 Berlin

For our inaugural year, we are proud to present live performances by NYC’s underground rap diva Dai Burger, Oakland’s trans poptronic princess Ah Mer Ah Su, Zimbabwean emcee A.W.A. (African Women Arise), and feminist punk icon Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy) + more. An evening programme with DJs and live electronic performances will lead us into the night.

If you like to support us, are interested in partnerships or cooperations let us know – there are many ways to be involved!

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MircaConfirmed acts so far: 

AH MER AH SU (Oakland, US)  //  A.W.A. (AWA KHIWE) (African Women Arise – Zimbabwe) // Cléa Vincent (Paris) // Dai Burger (NYC) // Derya Yildirim (Bln) // Dorit Chrysler (Graz) // Jessica Ekomane (Bln) // Leila Akinyi (Cologne) // Meredith Graves (Perfect Pussy – US) // Marisa Anderson music (US) // Olimpia Splendid (FIN) // Saba Lou (Bln) // Stella Chiweshe (Bln/Zimbabwe)

Conference topics: 

Feminist perspectives on music criticism // Gendered music spaces: strategies for changing realities and representation // Women in journalism panel // Women in music and tech: Launch panel + usability workshop // Mental health and music // Parenthood and music // Women, music, activism + conflict // Public speaking workshop // Negotiation skills workshop // Theramin workshop // Sonic Pi workshop // Ableton workshop // In Place of War/GRRRL: creativity for change // Room4Resistance x Siren London: creating safer spaces // Migration matters (WMW x Give Something Back To Berlin) // The Economy Of Praise:  language + invisibility // Music Therapy: alternative self-care practices // DJing Workshop // and more…Tickets:

  • 25€ conference-only/festival-only for artists/freelancers/regular visitors
  • 40€ for a festival+conference bundle for artists/freelancers/regular visitors
  • 80€ business price festival+conference bundle.

Berlin, 9.-11. November 2017

St. Elisabeth-Kirche, Villa Elisabeth & Acud