Women’s Forum Global Meeting

This 12th edition of our annual flagship event features top-tier speakers, far-ranging debates, outstanding networking opportunities – prepare for three inspiring and productive days in Deauville from 30.11. -02.12.16! Register today for the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meetiing and take advantage of special Early-Bird rates (offer expires 31 July).

This year’s Global Meetiing builds on the question “Is the sharing economy a sharing world?” We will consider the implications of the sharing economy mega-trend for traditional businesses and international corporations. What will be the impact on international policies, workforce, innovation, ethics, entrepreneurship, urbanism, international business, climate change…? Are we using this trend to make sure we live in a sharing world, or to increase inequalities? We will examine how we work and how we consume.
What’s new this month:
  • More than 50 speakers are now confirmed
  • The Discovery will host two new Hubs: the Finance Hub and the Women in Sports Hub
  • Even more networking opportunities, with dedicated 30-minute slots in the program for making new connections
  • Women’s Forum Happenings, interactively designed meetings, peer-to-peer and expert-led workshops, and special events aimed at ensuring that delegates make the most of their time at the Women’s Forum Global Meeting.
A few topics to be covered at the 2016 Women’s Forum Global Meeting:
  • Is the sharing economy moving us towards a new socio-economic system, as its proponents claim, or is this simply intermediation?
  • Gen Y has embraced collaborative consumption in a big way: Why is this? Is this younger generation truly more primed for the sharing economy than their predecssors were?
  • How are “traditional economy” companies, those based on ownership and on rentals as a BtoP venture, responding to this new competition?
  • Enabling women to be business creators
  • Making finance truly inclusive

Early Bird Offer: http://r.womensforum.mediactive.mx/ozwlawjrpe23d.html