“Energizing the World!” – Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015 14-15-16 October 2015

Join us for this 11th Edition of the Women’s Forum Global Meeting to meet and interact with remarkable business leaders, entrepreneurs, policymakers and innovators from not-for-profit organizations who are energizing the world. Through a renewed partnership, Thalys will provide first class “Comfort 1” return tickets for delegates attending the Women’s Forum Global Meeting 2015, once registration for the event has been completed.

Delegates from different cities along the Thalys routes will be seated together in carriages – a unique networking experience starting from the moment you begin your journey to Deauville. 

Be inspired by truly outstanding speakers – trailblazers, pioneers and new innovators. Engage in peer-to-peer sessions to discuss trends, issues and challenges in diverse sectors and fields. Connect with delegates from over 70 different countries and meet the members of the Singapore and Tunisia Delegations.

Route no. 1 from Germany: Essen, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Aachen, Paris

Route no. 2 from the Netherlands: Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam, Paris

Route no. 3 from Belgium: Brussels, Antwerp, Liège, Paris

You can download the latest general program to date by clicking here.