DUBAI 2016 – 23-24 February

We are proud to announce our keynote and panel speakers at the upcoming Global Women’s Forum Dubai – the first-ever Women’s Forum in the Middle East co-organized by the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society and the Dubai Women Establishment.

The program draws upon five agenda streams, each an opportunity to showcase cross-sector innovation and women’s achievement. These streams – Achieving, Creating, Giving, Energizing and Sustaining – are echoed in every session during Global Women’s Forum Dubai.
The Discovery at Global Women’s Forum Dubai will reflect the UAE’s leading role in innovation and social development both regionally and internationally. Partner companies and Women’s Forum initiatives will host custom-made sessions illustrating the past, present, and future of innovation within different industries.
Advanced technology and engineering are merely tools to reach goals set by innovative thinking. Which is one reason why the focus is on innovative thinking in the various Hubs and Corners in The Discovery, such Energy Hub, Enterpreneurship Hub, Social Impact Hub, Women & Sciences Hub, Wellness Hub, Women on board corner, Rising talents corner, Women in media Corner, Culture & Arts Hub.

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