Promoting Women`s Leadership

The report on ‘The Impact of Demographic Change on the Future Availability of Managers and Professionals in Europe’, commissioned by CEC Managers in 2012, showed that positions in middle and higher management across Europe are primarily the domain of men. Across Europe between 61% and 70% of managers are male. In addition, the age distribution within the workforce of managers is different from that of the workforce in general in that there exists a considerable ‘middle-age’ dominance among maoss Europe; approximately 60% of both the male and female managerial workforces are in the 35-54 year age band.

As the results of said report concluded, this reliance on a middle-aged workforce is a cause for concern as far as retention and recruitment of managers in future years is concerned. With current patterns of retirement and the effects of demographic change, all sectors of European industry and sernagers acrvices face the prospect of losing more than 50% of their current workforce over the next 25-30 years at a time when the demographic development will bring smaller cohorts into the labour force for recruitment.