„She made a Difference“ Award

The EWMD International Event of the Year: „She made a Difference“ Award, International Conference and AGM 11-13 November 2016, Bardolino at Lake Garda (Verona/ Italy)

This will be an innovative international conference, in contents, in methods and in results, in short, a game that we will play together to feel part of a collective movement that really wants a change, to hand on to our daughters a better world than the one we have found.

Location: Hotel in Bardolino / Verona – Italy

At the AGM you can decide about the strategies and plans you want to see for EWMD. Be the changes you wish to see in EWMD!.

Surrounded by vineyards, inside a historic winery, also the environment will suggest thoughts and visions. To make a good wine, it takes time, passion and innovation, determination and courage. The same ingredients are the ones giving life to our professional and personal dreams and the long times of wine making will be an example.