11 Years of Female Quotas in Norway – What Has Happened?

In 2003 a 40% female quota on board of all public stock exchange organizations was introduced in Norway. At that time I was a newly trained coach and decided to focus on how I could support women in creating their career and at the same time have a healthy life/work balance. Also here in Germany the suggestion of a 30% quota has been introduced and it has been a very interesting discussion for and against it.

All the arguments in the debate here are exactly the same as in Norway, for example:

  • „The women do not have the right competence.“
  • „These women do not exist.“
  • „People should be recruited because of their“
  • „competencies, not because of their gender.“
  • and and and …

These arguments were very quickly proven to be wrong and several initiatives in Norway were taken to fulfil the obligation of the 40%. Now, 11 years after, we know a lot more how the implementation has worked and can raise the question: What has happened? We have to take a close look on a couple of areas to find the answer and I will try to give you a look behind the scenes to understand what could be the long term benefits of having more women on board and how to get them there. And one aspect can be said straight away: It is not about making women adopt to a male culture. It is about transforming the culture so that feminine qualities (traits associated with women) become part of it.

Weiterlesen …

femalemanagers ist ein Karriereportal, das sich der Herausforderung annimmt, den Anteil an Managerinnen in Unternehmen zu erhöhen. Dabei ist es unser oberstes Ziel, den Zugang zu qualifizierten und ambitionierten Frauen für Unternehmen und Headhunter effizienter zu gestalten. Darüber hinaus möchten wir Kandidatinnen und Unternehmen langfristig ein hochwertiges Netzwerk bieten, eine Plattform für Information und Kommunikation.