Women’s Forum Brazil 2012

The Women’s Forum Brazil will be held 4-5 June 2012 at the Grand Hyatt in São Paulo, Brazil. Brazil, the country of the future; always was, always will be. This was the self-deprecating joke of Brazilians in the 60s and 70s, as each year was optimistic but Brazil kept failing. There is no need to joke today. Brazil has emerged as a global economic power, overtaking the UK as the world’s sixth largest economy.

It has made this remarkable leap while bringing millions of its citizens out of poverty into the middle class. The country is a world leader in promoting environmental protection. And while there are as yet no global brands coming from Rio or São Paulo, Brand Brazil is flying high on the cultural and social reputation of its people. The Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society had a first experience of the new Brazil when a 40+ delegation of Brazilian women came to Deauville, France, in October 2011, for the 7th Edition of our Global Meeting. Business leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, not to mention jurists and politicians: we learned that some truly remarkable women are at the center of achieving Brazil’s future.


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