MEXICO 27-28 April 2016

Mexico is at a potential tipping point for its economy and society. Through the Pacto por Mexico, the ambitious structural reforms now being implemented, the government is seeking to remake the energy, finance, telecommunications and education sectors. If successful, Mexico’s economy will open as never before, with innovation underlying new jobs and a better standard of living for more Mexicans.

How can women be included with men in the new opportunities that are being created? What is being done – and what further actions must be taken – to improve the ability of Mexican women to share equally in realizing Mexico’s potential? The first edition of the Women’s Forum Mexico debates these crucial questions in two days of high-level and solutions-oriented sessions. International speakers will dialogue with their Mexican counterparts - women and men – throughout the meeting, to be attended by 500 delegates from North and Latin America, Europe and the Caribbean.  
Alongside our annual Global Meeting, which gathers 1,300 delegates from 75 countries, our regional conferences — the Women’s Forum Mexico, and other Forums in Brazil, Italy, Myanmar, Belgium and soon in Dubai — increase the vital worldwide role of Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society as a focal point for women’s voices to be heard on major social and economic issues. The meeting in Mexico City, an unprecedented sounding board for Mexico and the region, will extend its reach through the launch of CEO Champions Mexico and programs for young women leaders and Rising Talents. 

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