European Network for Women in Leadership

The European Network for Women in Leadership (WIL) is a blue ribbon panel of high-level women across Europe aimed at leveraging women’s participation in leadership, by engaging with key decision makers and bringing forward solutions to today’s societal issues.

WIL members are business executives and emblematic entrepreneurs, high-civil servants and elected officials, representatives of nongovernmental organizations and academics.

WIL’s mandate is to offer to top level women a platform to network so as to broaden their horizons and identify opportunities and ideas that are not available in their social and professional environments.
To reach its scope, WIL’s actions are built upon three PILLARS OF ACTION:
• Provide women with the tools to develop their knowledge of core economic, political and institutional issues
• Enhance the emergence of women leaders who can act as role models for women in the talent pipeline
• Advocate for smart gender policies

Thaima Samman, president of WIL, attorney-at-law, is the founder of the Women and Leadership in the Information Society (WIL) network, which works at the European level with high-level women from the business, government and NGO sectors. She also sits on the board of the University of Evry Val-d’Essonnes (well known for its biotechnology and genome research) and of Women Equity for Growth. Thaimas credo: „In a society where women make up to 60% of higher-education graduates, we need to work towards actively empowering women, by learning from one another and investing in each other.“

WIL was co-founded by Microsoft, INSEAD and the Women’s Forum in 2008. Today, WIL’s Premium Partners are Orange and Microsoft. Lefebvre Software, the law firm De Gaulle, Fleurance & associés and INSEAD are Associate Partners of the organization. In addition, the Women Talent Pool Program is sponsored by Microsoft, Orange and Qualcomm.

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