Women entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv’s ever-growing Startup Ecosystem is growing even bigger with women entrepreneurs. The Tel Aviv startup ecosystem has been ranked #1 ecosystem for women outside the United States, and also the #1 ecosystem in general outside the United States in 2015.

According to the Compass report, Tel Aviv has 20% women founders in startups, while the European average is 17%.

In May 2015 a new co-working space solely for women entrepreneurs launched at the Tel Aviv Port. WMN’s mission is to be a game changer, increase significantly the number of female founders in the industry and bridge the gender gap in the startup ecosystem. Other from a magnificent seaside view, the new co-working space provides its community members with professional events and workshops along with mentors and networking opportunities.

If you wish to cover the issue of women entrepreneurship in Tel Aviv towards International Women’s Day, feel free to contact us for interviews with startups based at WMN, and with other prominent female entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv.

For further information please contact:

Mira Marcus
International Press Director
Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality