World Social Forum „Dignity“ and „Women’s rights“

We, the Dynamic Tunisian Women of the WSF, call upon women from all over the world to come together in a women’s meeting to be held March 26 at 10 am on „Women’s rights“

The women’s assembly is a critical moment for us women so that we can come together to express our solidarity with all women in struggle and our rejection of unbridled capitalism and any model of development that objectifies us, marginalizes us, commits violence against us, abandons us to unemployment and precariousness, and excludes us from the centers of power and wealth.

We want our presence to be as great as are our struggles against discrimination, as diverse as are the forms of violence that we are subjected to and as important as our fight to make another world possible.

Let’s make this space a moment of shared experienceand solidarity, a moment to recharge our militant creativity, our fighting spirit and forms of resistance and struggle: the struggle against violence against women in both the private and public realms, at times both of conflict and peace; the fight against the feminisation of poverty and precariousness; the struggle for access to land and housing; the fight for our sexual and reproductive rights; the struggle to preserve our planet and our health.

We want our presence in the new Tunisia of dignity to be the voice of revolution and not a voice of suppressed freedom.

Let us bring together the voices of women against dominating patriarchy and against all forms of fundamentalism which wants to take over and control our bodies.

Your presence is an expression of solidarity with we women of Tunisia and all the women in the Arab world struggling to ensure that the revolutionary process be ongoing and be for rights and liberties and the fair distribution of wealth. Let’s together face the challenges, let’s together demand our universal, indivisible human rights ,  our dignity, our citizenship, our freedoms.

For an egalitarian and just world, for economic choices that favorpeople and not a system of exploitation driven by profit, and  the dictates of the debt.