Do we unconsciously believe that leader=male?

At the forthcoming Women’s Forum Global Meeting, in a dedicated plenary session on Friday 12 October, the results of global research will be presented, answering one of the most crucial questions on gender and leadership: Do we unconsciously believe that leader=male? How do perceptions of leadership and gender influence women’s way to the top?

More specifically, in our social interactions, we tend to make automatic associations between some social groups and specific attributes, which can affect our behaviour. This research, conducted by Diverseo in partnership with the Women’s Forum for the Economy and Society, aims at identifying whether this impact exists and at quantifying it.

We would like you to help us complete this research, by taking a simple, short, fun test.

Just click on the link below. The test is quick and anonymous; you will receive a personalized, confidential feedback. It allows you to measure your personal tendency to implicitly associate gender and leadership.

And please encourage your colleagues and contacts to participate too by forwarding this email to them!

The Women’s Forum and Diverseo Teams

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